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Gula Tubaeformis wild

Cantharellus tubaeformis

With a cap of 2 to 5 cm, and a funnel or very depressed indentation in the centre (tuba or trumpet shape), hollow to the stalk, more yellow at the edges, sinuous, irregular, curved and wavy. Dry, matte, scaly and finely hairy cuticle, brown in colour, with yellowish-ochre shades. Instead of gills, it has well-marked folds or ribs, anastomated, intervened, wide, separated, decurrent, grey-orange colour, on a smooth yellowish background. Cylindrical, centred, smooth, narrow and hollow stalk, often welded to other stalks, matt yellow (not bright), dark brown, sometimes greyish. Little flesh, very fine, flexible, harder on the stalk, pale yellow colour. Faintly mouldy odour and a sweet, not unpleasant, taste.

Habitat: Humid coniferous forests especially pine and fir, as well as deciduous (oak, beech, chestnut). Under the moss or humus of the ground, scrub heather or undergrowth. Gregarious, large groups.

Season: Spring, end of summer and autumn. In the south, until mid-winter.

Cuisine: It can be cooked like angulae. Recipes with eggs.

Cleaning: Use a knife to trim the lower part of the stalk to remove the soil. Next, with a brush and / or a damp cloth, carefully clean the top and bottom of the cap. Avoid direct contact with water where possible, except when excess soil requires them to be submerged.

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