Tendera's Steak Tartar with white truffle

People: 2


  • Trufa blanca fresca al gusto 
  • Carne de ternera (filete) 250g
  • Salsa soja al gusto
  • Salsa lea perrins al gusto
  • Salsa tabasco al gusto
  • Pepinillos 4u
  • Alcaparras 10u
  • Cebollino 5u
  • Chalotas 1u
  • Yema de huevo 2u
  • Sal y pimienta al gusto


  • We can ask the butcher to pique us the meat and if not ideal it is to stung it ourselves to small knife.
    We make an emulsion with egg yolk and all the sauces, read perrins, soy, tabasco, you can also add a little olive oil, salt and pepper, to each other's taste.
    Then we chopped the pickles, capers and pepinillos and also the shallots and the chives.
    Finally we add the meat to the emulsion and also the picadillo we mix it all together and if we need it we correct it of salt and pepper.
    We feathered it with a thin sheets of crispy bread and finally grated the white truffle to taste.

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