Trumpets of death, the most versatile mushroom in the kitchen

Characteristics of the trumpet of death

Neither its name nor its appearance would make us think that this is a gourmet delight. The black trumpet, also called trumpet of the dead or trumpet of deathIt is an exquisite mushroom with delicate meat and a pleasant flavor, tremendously versatile in the kitchen. So much so, that it is known as the truffle of the poor.

The trumpet of the dead has an ash gray-brown color, which turns black with moisture. It has a very deep-drawn, narrow, trumpet-shaped hat (hence its name). It grows in the shade of oaks, beech, chestnut trees and in mossy areas, and is harvested in late summer and fall. Its cleaning is easy, just brush it, avoiding contact with water.

Black trumpet recipes

The death trumpet mushroom It is a tasty ingredient in many dishes, such as rice dishes, pasta, soups, meat and fish stews, calderetas, trumpet sauté with fried egg or Iberian ham shavings and mashed potatoes, which can be prepared with fresh or dried mushrooms here you can see the recipe. They can also be eaten raw in salads, as a garnish and even function as a substitute condiment for the room if the dehydrated mushroom is transformed into powder.

In addition to being a gastronomic delight, these wild mushrooms have numerous nutritional properties that will strengthen our immune system. They are rich in B vitamins, minerals and proteins. Their low calorie intake makes them an essential product in weight loss diets. The meat of these mushrooms is elastic and with a cartilaginous texture. Buy fresh trumpet of death

One of its peculiarities is that they lend themselves very well to dehydration. This allows you to buy mushrooms throughout the year at a lower price than fresh mushrooms. If you go to buy dried mushroomsStore them in a dry environment, preferably in a glass jar with a tight lid away from heat sources.

To hydrate them, boil them in water for a minute or let them soak for an hour. Once hydrated they can be used as if they were fresh and their size will increase approximately 10 times. Buy Trumpet of death dehydrated

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