General conditions of employment

This contract document will set out the general conditions of purchase for the products or services (the "terms") through the laumont website. Shop, laumont shop, s.l.u., hereinafter referred to as "shop", whose contact information is also listed in the legal notice of the website.

These conditions can be changed at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to read this information on a regular basis, as the information in force at the time the order is placed will apply.

The contract shall not be bound in any form except as expressly provided for in the civil code and the commercial code as well as by this law or other special laws.

Accepting the file means that the user must:

  • He has read, understood and understood everything here.
  • He is a man of enough ability
  • Take all the responsibility here

These conditions are valid indefinitely and apply to all purchases made through the provider's website.

The provider reported that trade should be held responsible and aware of the current law of the sending country, reserving the right to unilaterally modify conditions without affecting the goods or promotions acquired prior to the modification.

Status of parties

On the one hand, the supplier of the product or service purchased by the user is laumont shop, s.l.u., whose registered office is located at C / Bruc, 14-25300 Tarrega (leeida), NIF b25857418, extension 973 50 0323.

On the other hand, users register on the website with their user names and passwords, and are fully responsible for the use and custody of the personal data provided to the provider.

Subject matter of contract

1. The purpose of this contract is to standardize the contract sales relationship when the supplier and the user accept the relevant cells in the online procurement process.

2. The sales relationship stipulated in the contract includes the public delivery of a specific product or service through a website at a specific price.

recruitment procedures

In order to obtain the products or services provided by the provider, users must have reached the legal age and log in on the website by establishing a user account. Therefore, users must freely and voluntarily provide the personal data they need and process it in accordance with regulation (gdpr) 2016 / 679 of 27 April 2016, Organic Law No. 3 / 2018 (lopdgd) on the protection of natural persons in the processing and free circulation of personal data and Organic Law No. 3 / 2018 of December 5 on the protection of personal data detailed in the legal notice and privacy policy of the website.

Users should choose a user name and password, promise to use them carefully, not to provide them to third parties, and inform the provider of the loss or theft of these names or the possibility of obtaining them by unauthorized third parties, so as to freeze them immediately.

Once a user account is established, it is reported that, in accordance with Article 27 of Law No. 34 / 2002 on information society services and electronic commerce, the procurement process will take the following steps:

One 7. General conditions of contract.
Two Place the order.
Three The right to terminate the proceedings.
Four claim demage.
Five Force majeure.
Six Competition.
Seven 3. Bidding overview.
Eight 2. Tender price and validity period.
Nine 8. Transportation expenses.
Ten Terms of payment, fees and discounts.
Eleven Procurement process.
Twelve Applicable safeguards.
Thirteen Guarantee and refund.
Fourteen 7. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

One General conditions of contract

Unless otherwise specified in writing, by placing an order with the provider, the customer accepts these legal conditions. No provision made by the user shall be different from that of the provider unless the provider expressly accepts it in writing in advance.

Two Order packaging

Provider shall not place any order or initiate any services until payment is verified.

The goods are usually transported to Spain by express, seur and integrated 2, and to DHL and UPS international according to the destination specified by users.

3. Poor execution of remote contract

The date or time of delivery should be similar rather than a fundamental breach of the contract. If the provider fails to deliver the goods within 30 days of the agreed delivery date, it shall notify the customer of the inability to obtain the goods or services and shall have the right to cancel the order and recover the full cost paid without any cost, And there will be no liability for damages caused to the provider.

In the event that the provider delays in returning the full amount without cause, the user may claim to pay twice the amount owed, without prejudice to his right to compensation for damages in excess of that amount.

The delivery time is generally two to five working days, depending on the target population and the payment method chosen. It is understood that the supply of the goods must be confirmed and the full payment of the purchase order must be verified.

If the product or service fails to be delivered due to incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the user, the provider shall not be liable.

"2. Delivery shall be deemed to have been made when the carrier delivers the goods to the user and the user or his representative signs the delivery receipt document.

It is the user's responsibility to verify the goods at the time of receipt and to raise any defences and demands that may be supported in the receiving documents.

If the purchase does not involve the actual delivery of any product, but rather the initiation of services, which are downloaded directly from the website, the provider will inform the user in advance of the download procedure.

Three Right to terminate action

Users have the same right and time to make refund and / or claim for possible defects or defects of products or services online or offline.

From the date of receipt of the goods, the user has 14 calendar days to return the goods (Article 71 of Law No. 3 / 2014 of 27 March). Unless the returned goods are defective, the costs associated with the goods shall be borne by the user. The product shall be returned intact in its original packaging and, if service is required, from the date of start-up and / or unloading.

The right to terminate the action shall not be exercised under the following circumstances:

One If the product doesn't have a perfect display.

Two If the packaging of the product is not the original, or the packaging condition is not ideal. The original package should protect the product to receive in good condition. It is forbidden to use the seal and adhesive tape directly attached to the product.

Three When the product is opened and it cannot be proved that it has not been used.

Four In software applications, it is downloaded directly through the portal or despised by users after actual delivery.

Five 3. It is a personalized product, or health or other legal exceptions under Article 103 of Law No. 3 / 2014 of March 27.

  1. When supplying products whose prices are affected by financial market fluctuations, the supplier has no control and may produce during the termination period.
  2. 2. Provide products made according to user specifications or clearly customized.
  3. When supplying products that may rapidly deteriorate or expire.

Any return should be sent to the provider by email with a return number requested. List the corresponding invoice or order number.

Once the user has received the return number, he will deliver the goods to the provider and indicate the number in the transmittal letter to bear the freight charges at laumont shop, s.l.u., C / Bruc, 14-25300 Tarrega (Lleida).

Four claim demage

Any requirements that the user considers appropriate should be met as soon as possible and can be made through the following contact address:

Post: laumont shop, s.l.u., C / Bruc, 14-25300 Tarrega (Lleida)
Tel 973 50 03 23

Online Dispute ResolutionOnline Dispute Resolution)

Page: 1 14.1 in accordance with EU regulation No. 524 / 2013, the European Commission provides a free online platform for resolving conflicts between users and providers without resorting to the courts, and is intervened by a third party, the dispute resolution agency, which acts as an intermediary. All of them The body is neutral and will engage in dialogue with both parties in order to reach an agreement that can eventually recommend and / or enforce a resolution of the conflict.

Official document system platform link:

Five Force majeure

1. The parties shall not be responsible for any negligence caused by serious reasons. Performance of the obligations shall be postponed until the end of the force majeure event.

Six compete

The user shall not transfer, transfer or transfer the rights, responsibilities and obligations related to the sale.

If any provision of these conditions is deemed invalid or impossible to perform, the validity, legality and performance of the other terms shall not be affected or changed in any way.

The user claims to have read, understood and accepted all of these conditions.

Seven 1. Summary of tender

All sales and deliveries by provider are subject to these terms and conditions.

No modification, modification or agreement inconsistent with the commercial proposal of laumont shop, s.l.u. or the provisions thereof shall be effective unless expressly agreed in writing by the provider, in which case these specific agreements shall prevail.

In view of the continuous development of technology and the continuous improvement of products, the supplier reserves the right to modify the specifications of the information provided in its advertisements until the value of the products provided is not affected. If, for any reason, the supply of the products offered is affected, these modifications are equally effective.

Eight Tender price and validity period

In this regard, the group noted that such taxes were determined in accordance with the United Nations accounting standards. Unless otherwise stated, these prices do not include the cost of shipping, handling, packing, shipping insurance or any other additional services and accessories for the purchased products or services.

The price of each product is posted on the website in Euro. Users assume that the economic value of some products may change on a real-time basis.

Before buying, he can check all the details of the budget online: items, quantity, price, supply, transportation costs, handling charges, discounts, taxes, and total purchases. The price may change every day before ordering.

Once the order is completed, the price will remain unchanged regardless of whether there is a product or not.

Any payment to the provider must be invoiced in the name of the registered user or for social reasons provided by him at the time of placing the order. This invoice will be sent with the purchased products and PDF to the email address provided by the user.

For any information about the order, the user can contact the provider's customer service number 973 50 03 23 or by email.。

Nine freight

The price does not include shipping, communications, installation or unloading costs or fringe benefits unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The carrier's calculations should be made when the basket or budget is kept, as they are based on the weight of the goods and the delivery address.

Ten Payment methods, charges and discounts

Provider allows payment of orders in the following ways:

  • Credit Card

Safety measures

The site uses industry recognized information security technologies such as firewalls, access control procedures, and password mechanisms, all of which are designed to prevent unauthorized data access. For these purposes, the user / Customer agrees that the provider obtains the data in order to properly authenticate the access control.

The provider undertakes not to allow the credit card trademark or to purchase any transaction that the bank considers or considers to be illegal, likely or likely to impair its good faith or have a negative impact on it.

The following activities are prohibited by the card trademark program: selling or providing products or services that do not conform to all laws applicable to purchasers, issuing banks, dealers or card holders.

Eleven Procurement process

(budget simulation)

Any product on our catalog can be added to the basket. In this case, only the items, quantity, price and total amount should be observed. After the basket is saved, taxes, fees and discounts should be calculated based on the input payment and shipment data.

The basket has no administrative connection, it is just a project, which can simulate the budget without any commitment from both sides.

The order can be formalized by placing an order in the basket as follows:

One -Check the sending address.
Two -Choose the payment method.
Three -Check the billing data.
Four -Order (purchase).

After processing the order, the system immediately sends an email to the supplier management department and an email to the user to confirm the execution of the order.

1. Purchase requisition

Within 24 hours of a business day, an email will be sent to the user confirming the status of the order and the approximate delivery and / or delivery date.

Twelve Applicable warranty

All products provided on the website are completely original and, unless otherwise stated in the description, all products have a two-year warranty period in accordance with the standards and conditions set out in Royal Decree No. 1 / 2007 of 16 November, which approved the consolidated text of the act. General law on consumers and consumer protection and other supplementary laws.

Thirteen Guarantee and return

According to Law No. 23 / 2003 of 10 July on the guarantee of sales of consumer goods, the guarantee for the products provided will include the following provisions:

1. Whether the product conforms to the contract

One 1. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, goods meeting all of the following requirements shall be deemed to be in conformity with the contract, unless any of them shall not apply:

(a) According to laumont shop, s.l.u

(b) Suitable for the common use of the same type of products.

(c) May be used by the customer to disclose to the laumont store (s.l.u.) any special use required at the time of contract conclusion, provided that the Customer acknowledges that the product is suitable for that purpose.

(d) Provide the standard quality and performance of similar products that the customer can reasonably expect, taking into account the nature of the product and, as appropriate, the description of the specific characteristics of the product by the laumont store (s.l.u.).

(e) Laumont shop s.l.u. provides details, technical features and photographs of the products provided by the manufacturer of the product and is therefore not bound by these public statements.

Two Non conformity caused by improper installation of the product shall be deemed to be non-compliance if covered by the sales contract under the responsibility of laumont shop, s.l.u., or where the defective installation of the product is due to the following errors: Installation instructions.

Three If the non-compliance is known or impossible to be known by the user at the time of signing the contract, or originated from the materials provided by the user, the non-compliance shall not be held responsible.

(II) liability of the provider and rights of the user

Laumont shop, s.l.u. will be responsible to the user for any non-compliance at the time of delivery. Laumont shop, s.l.u. acknowledges that the customer has the right to repair, replace, reduce the price and void the contract.

According to Article 6 of the civil code, any prior waiver of user rights or fraud is void.

(3) Product repair and replacement

One If the product does not conform to the contract, the user may choose to request repair or replacement, unless one of the options is impossible or disproportionate. Once a user presents a choice to the Lomond store (USA), both parties must comply. If the repair or replacement fails to bring the product into conformity with the contract, the user's decision shall not affect the provisions of Article 4.

Two Any form of sanitary facilities required by laumont shop, s.l.u., which is unreasonable compared with other forms of sanitary facilities, shall be deemed to be disproportionate, taking into account the value of the product in the absence of non-compliance, the seriousness of the non-compliance and the existence of alternative forms of hygiene. You can not cause more inconvenience to users.

(IV) Rules on the proceeds of repair or replacement

3. Repair and replacement shall comply with the following rules:

(a) Users are free.

Such free services shall include the cost of rectifying the non conformity of the goods with the contract, in particular the cost of shipment and the costs related to labour and materials.

(b) It should be completed within a reasonable time without causing significant inconvenience to users, taking into account the nature of the product and its use for users.

(c) The time limit specified in Article 7 shall be calculated for the suspension of repair. The suspension period begins when the product is provided to laumont shop s.l.u. and ends when the repaired product is delivered to the user. Within six months after delivery of the repaired product, laumont shop s.l.u. will respond to the non-compliance that led to the compensation. If the same non-compliance as the one originally proposed reappears in the product, the non-compliance is presumed.

(d) Replace the time limit specified in Article 7 from the exercise of the option to the delivery of the new product. In any case, the provisions of Article 7, paragraph 2, shall apply to substitute products.

(e) If the goods repaired and delivered are not in conformity with the contract, the user may require that the goods be replaced within the limits specified in Article 4, paragraph 2, or require a reduction in the price or a declaration of avoidance in accordance with Article 5.

(f) If the substitution fails to bring the product into conformity with the provisions of the contract, the user may request the repair of the product within the limits specified in Article 4, paragraph 2, or reduce the price or declare the contract void in accordance with Articles 5 and 6.

(g) Users of non expendable or second-hand products shall not require replacement.

5. Reduce the price and declare the contract void

If the user is unable to ask for the repair or replacement of the product, and it is not completed within a reasonable time or does not cause greater inconvenience to the user, the price shall be reduced and the contract shall be declared null and void according to the user's choice. No action will be taken when non-compliance is negligible.

6. Price reduction criteria

The price reduction shall be directly proportional to the difference between the value of the goods delivered in accordance with the contract and the value of the goods actually delivered at the time of delivery. The price reduction shall be directly proportional to the value of the goods at the time of delivery.

7. Time limit

One Laumont shop, s.l.u. will reply to the non conformity within two years after delivery. For second-hand products, laumont shop, s.l.u. and users can agree on a shorter delivery period, no less than one year after delivery.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, a non conformity occurring within six months after delivery of the goods is presumed to have existed at the time of delivery, unless the presumption is inconsistent with the nature of the goods or the nature of the non conformity.

Two Unless otherwise evidenced, delivery means the date stated on the invoice or purchase label or the date on the corresponding delivery receipt, whichever is later.

Three Litigation for compliance with the previous articles is initiated within three years of the delivery of the goods.

Four The user must notify the lawless store of the non-compliance within two months after discovering the non-compliance.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the user's communication shall be deemed to have taken place within the prescribed time.

(8) Litigation against producers

If the user is unable or overburdened to apply to laumont shop s.l.u. because the goods do not conform to the sales contract, they can directly apply to the manufacturer for replacement or repair of the products.

In general, without prejudice to the termination of producer liability, if the non-compliance relates to the source, characteristics or suitability of the product, the producer shall be liable for the non-compliance for the same period and under the same conditions as those prescribed for laumont shop s.l.u, According to their nature and purpose and the rules governing these rights.

"Producer" means a person who produces or imports a product in the European Union, or any person who bears a name, brand or other special mark on the product.

If a reply is given to the user, he / she shall be responsible for the non conformity within one year. This period begins when the sanitation facilities are completed.

Fourteen Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions should be defined or interpreted in accordance with Spanish law and not explicitly provided for. Provider and user agree to submit any dispute that may arise from the provision of the products or services covered by these conditions to the courts and courts of the user's location.

If the user's residence is outside Spain, the provider and the user explicitly renounce any other place of action and take action to the courts and courts closest to the residents of Tarrega, Spain.

If the user's residence is outside Spain, the provider and the user explicitly renounce any other place of action and take action to the courts and courts closest to the residents of Tarrega, Spain.