Chanterelle omelette with duck foie

People: 2


  • Huevos 4 unidades
  • Níscalo 10 unidades (dependiendo del tamaño)
  • Escalope de foie de pato 2 unidades
  • Ajos 1 unidad
  • Perejil 1 ramita
  • Sal, pimienta y aceite de oliva al gusto del cliente


  • First we will clean the chanterelles and sauté them with a frying pan over high heat, a little salt and pepper, and brown some minced garlic.
    We will mark the grilled foie schnitzel on both sides, and cut it into small pieces, and then add it to the tortilla together with the chanterelles.
    We beat the eggs and put them in the pan like a normal omelette, stir a little, let it set and add the chanterelles, the foie and a little chopped parsley.
    Let cook to the client's taste if someone likes the omelette more or less done and we can remove it to plate.

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