Salmon tartar with avocado, cherry tomatoes and summer truffle carpaccio

People: 2


  • Carpaccio de trufa de verano
  • Salmón 150g
  • Aguacate 1u
  • Cebolla tierna 1u
  • Soja 15g
  • Brotes de soja 10u
  • Lima 1u
  • Limón 1u
  • Tomates cherry  4u
  • Aceite de trufa, sal y pimienta: Cantidades suficientes al gusto de cada uno.


  • We'll cut the salmon and avocado on dice.
    We will cut the onion into small pieces.
    We'll put it all together in a bowl and we'll line it up with soy, salt, pepper and lime sling and we'll let it cook about 10 minutes.
    We'll put the salmon and avocado at the base of a dish with the help of a mold.
    We will add previously cut cherry tomatoes, summer truffle carpaccio sheets and a few soybean shoots.

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