Truffled sandwich with cheddar cheese and baicon

People: 2


  • 30g Salsa de Trufa Negra Laumont
  • 4 Rebanadas de pan
  • 8 lonchas de Baicon
  • 4 lonchas de queso Cheddar
  • 40g Mantequilla
  • Aceite de trufa negra


  • We'll grill the bacon a little to make it roast better.
    Let's spread the butter in the microwave.
    We'll dip the bread with the tartufata sauce.
    Let's fill the bread with the bacon and cheddar.
    We'll close the bikini, paint it with butter on the outside. Cook the bikini to the sandwich maker or on a griddle or pan.
    Finally, you can add a touch of truffle oil to enhance the flavor.

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