Steak Rolls with Enokis and vegetables

People: 2


  • Bistec de ternera 6 cortes pequeños o 3 de grandes
  • Soja 50g
  • Jengibre 15g
  • Espárragos verdes 6u
  • Ajos tiernos 6u
  • Pasta de arroz 1u
  • Naranja 1u
  • Enoki 1 paquete


  • First, in a plate we will put the soybeans, the grated ginger and a little grated orange peel to make the maceration.
    We will add the steaks and leave them for 15 minutes for each side, marinating.
    We will mark the vegetables and the enokis in a pan with the high heat and a little salt and pepper.
    We will stretch the steaks and fill them with the mixture of vegetables and enokis. We will roll them up and stick a toothpick in them so that they do not open.
    Then we will mark them in the pan or grill a little and we will finish them in the oven according to the client's taste for the cooking of the meat, little done, point or well done.
    Finally, we will fry a sheet of rice pasta over high heat once it has been chopped and it will serve to put the roll on top.
    We will grate a little orange peel over the rolls and add a little olive oil.

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