Quiche de Shimejis with pork pancetta

People: 2


  • Massa de quiche 1 paquete
  • Shimejis ½ bandeja de cada tipo, blanco y marrón
  • Panceta 50g
  • Nata ½ litro
  • Huevos 3u
  • Cebolla 1u
  • Aceite, sal y pimienta negra al gusto


  • We will cut the onion and cook it, once cooked we will add the pancetta and also the mushrooms.
    On the other hand we'll beat the eggs and mix it with the cream.
    We mix the onion, pancetta and shimejis with the liquid mixture of eggs and cream.
    We stretch the dough into a mold and make some holes.
    We covered the dough with the mixture and baked it to 180º for 45 minutes.

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