Octopus to the Galician with summer Truffle

People: 2


  • Trufa de verano al gusto 
  • Pulpo, dos patas de pulpo cocido
  • Patatas 10u de las pequeñas
  • Pimentón dulce 5g
  • Aceite de oliva, sal y pimienta al gusto


  • We cook the potatoes with water during some 25/30 minutes depending on the size.
    We will do oil of red sweet paprika, together with little olive oil.
    We will cut the already cooked octopus and the potatoes.
    In the base of the plate we will put the potatoes, the octopus superficially and will dress it with little oil of sweet red paprika, salt and pepper.
    Finally we will grate the fresh summer truffle to the taste of each one.

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