Margarita pizza with sauteed chanterelles

People: 2


  • Masa de pizza 2 unidades
  • Mozzarella fresca 1 unidad
  • Salsa de tomate frita 40 gramos
  • Mozzarella rallada 20 gramos
  • Tomates cherrys, 10 unidades
  • Albahaca 10 unidades de hojas
  • Rebozuelos 10 unidades dependiendo del tamaño
  • Sal, pimienta y aceite de oliva al gusto del cliente


  • First, we will clean and cut the chanterelles and sauté them in a pan over high heat with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. We will stretch the pizza dough and paint it with the tomato sauce and add the grated mozzarella. Cook the pizza in the oven at 220 degrees approx, for 6 minutes. Once the six minutes have passed, we will take it out and add the fresh mozzarella and the fresh tomato (cherry) and put it on for 5 more minutes. Finally, we will take out the pizza and add the chanterelles previously sautéed and we will only put it in the oven for two minutes. Once the pizza is cooked out of the oven, we will only add the fresh basil leaves to finish.

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