Mixed salad of pickled mushrooms, brie cheese, cherry tomato and walnuts

People: 2


  • Aceite de oliva trufa negra
  • 30g Mezcla de setas deshidratadas
  • 2 bolsas de lechuga variada.
  • 1 pieza de queso brie
  • Tomates Cherry
  • 15g Nueces

  • 1 ajo
  • 1 Cebolla
  • 2 Zanahorias
  • 10g Hierbas aromáticas
  • 5g Pimentón ahumado
  • 10 granos de pimienta negra
  • Aceite de oliva, sal y pimienta.


  • Hydrate the mushroom mixture for one minute in boiling water or one hour in natural water.
    For the marinade, we will peel all the vegetables and cut them, we will put them in a casserole together with all the spices and we will cover it with a little olive oil. We will leave it cooking for about 45 minutes over low heat.
    Once we have the mushrooms hydrated and the marinade done, we will put everything together and cook over the fire for at least 30 minutes, because the mushrooms take all the flavor of the marinade.
    With a griddle or frying pan with a very strong fire we will put a jet of olive oil a little salt and we will mark the cheese on both sides, previously cut to taste.
    Cut the cherry tomatoes. We will put the lettuce at the base of the plate, on top we will put the pickled mushrooms and some vegetables, tomatoes and walnuts. To finish we put the brie cheese.

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