Assorted mushroom cannelloni with béchamel sauce

People: 2


Canelones de setas 6u (3 por persona)
Harina 30g
Leche 500g
Mantequilla 30g
Salsa tartufata 40g
Queso emmental rallado 50g
Aceite de trufa negra, sal y pimienta: Al gusto de cada uno.


  • We put the butter and flour to undo, in a pan.
    We toast the previous mixture well without burning it, but taking on a little toasted color.
    On the other hand we will put the milk to boil.
    Once we have the hot milk and the toasted mixture, add the milk little by little into the flour and butter mixture, until it begins to boil again and has taken on a thick texture.
    Finally we will add the tartufata sauce a little to the taste of each one, as they want it more powerful or softer.
    We will bathe the cannelloni with the tartufata bechamel, add the grated cheese and cook them at 220/230 degrees for about 10 minutes.

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