Rice with summer truffle carpaccio, prawns and vegetables

People: 2


  • Arroz 180g
  • Ajo 1 un
  • Cebolla 1 un
  • Pimentón dulce ahumado 3g
  • Coñac o brandy 50g
  • Salsa de tomate frito 30g
  • Gambas langostineras 6 ud
  • Carpaccio de trufa de verano al gusto del cada uno
  • Aceite de trufa, sal y pimienta: Cantidades suficientes al gusto de cada uno


  • We start with the sofrito, we will fight and we will cut the garlic and the small onion and we will put it to soflaugh, first we will sleep the garlic and then we will add the onion. We'll let him cook minimum 1 hour on soft fire, the sofrite the longer the fire the better, always keeping watch that it doesn't burn. In the end we will add the already fried tomato sauce.
    On the other hand we will peel the prawns, keep the tails and with the heads.
    To a pot with a live fire we will throw the heads and bodies to soflaugh once sofrites we add the cognac or flamemasters that evaporates the alcohol and we add the water or fish broth and let it boil for minimum 40 minutes, finally there will only be to sneak it.
    Once we have the soffrit done and the broth will only need to put everything together with the rice.
    In a pot to be the same of the sofrito so it will have better flavor, we add the raw rice and the smoked sweet paprika, we put it a little bit and we will save it and we will be able to add the broth, we let it cook 12 minutes to the fire and we pass it to the can and we put it in the oven to 200 degrees 6 minutes more. We test it and if the grain is at its point we can already remove it.
    Once we have the cooked rice, we mark the prawns to a strong fire turn and turn and we can already place them above the rice and finally we put the plates of carpaccio of truffle of summer.

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