Black truffle price

There are many people who ask the question of how much is a kilo of truffle worth or how much does a truffle cost, so let's explain this mystery in detail:

What is the price of the black truffle?

His answer is not obvious, since being a natural product the truffle price It depends on the supply and demand at each moment, the species and the quality of the product.

There are 3 types of fresh truffles for sale online:

Black truffle price

The Tuber Melanosporum, also known as Black truffle, that his campaign runs from mid-November to April. This truffle is usually sold at different prices depending on its quality.

The price per kilo of truffle extra, which has a regular shape and is what we sell in, it is usually sold at around € 1,500 / kg, which for a 50g piece would be around € 45.

Black Truffle EXTRA

Then we have the first quality, irregular shape, which would be about € 1,200 / kg.

FIRST Black Truffle

And finally the quality piece and small truffle that would be around € 800 / kg.

Black Truffle Piece

SMALL Black Truffle

All these prices are for truffles clean and ready for consumption fresh. The truffle that comes from the field with soil usually contains around 50% of truffle that is not valid for fresh consumption and is destined for Industry and its price would be around € 300 / kg. Buy Black Truffles

White truffle price

The Tuber Magnatum, also known as White truffle de Alba, is of totally wild origin since it has not been cultivated industrially and its price can range from € 2,000 / kg to € 6,000 / kg. A piece of 50 grams at € 4,000 / kg would be € 200. Its price is always well known because every year there are markets in Italy that sell truffles for very high prices to renowned restaurateurs. Buy White Truffle

Summer truffle price

The Tuber Aestivum, also known as Summer truffle It is also of totally wild origin and although it can be cultivated there are very few crops in the world, its price is not attractive for its cultivation. Its price ranges from € 100 to € 300 per kg, basically depending on supply and demand. Buy Summer Truffle

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