Batter, the yellow delicacy

With a pleasant aroma and soft taste, it has become one of the most consumed mushrooms in the world.

Commonly known as batter, anacate or chantarela, Cantharellus cibarius is an easy-to-find edible mushroom near oaks, chestnuts and holm oaks. Depending on the characteristics of the terrain on which it grows, its hue can range from whitish yellow to golden or orange yellow.

Its name, cantharellus, means 'cup' in Latin, as the form that acquires the adult mushroom. But in Spain it has as many denominations as areas where it is produced. Thus, in Spanish it is known as cabrilla, santerella, beech mushroom or stinge of San Juan; while in Basque it has more than a dozen denominations: zizahori, txaltxatua, urre perretxikoa, baina... In Catalan it is christened rossinyol, shed or ginesterola, among other names. In English it is called chanterelle, and in Italian and French, finferli and girole, respectively.

Its pleasant peach aroma, soft sweet taste and the special consistency and texture of its meat, make the wild batter a mushroom highly appreciated in the kitchen. It is possibly the most consumed wild mushroom in the world and you can find it all year round in our Laumont Shop. Buy mushrooms online.

Stews, stews, and sauces, whether meat or fish, can be prepared with the batter. They are also perfect for making scrambles, a classic of mycological cuisine. In addition, it is the ideal ingredient to create original recipes, such as margarita pizza with sautéed batter or an exquisite potato and baked batter.

One of the great advantages of cantharellus cibarius is that it lasts for many days in the fridge without losing consistency. It is recommended to store them in a slightly open container with several layers of paper to absorb all moisture.

These wild mushrooms have hardly any fats and a lot of minerals and other beneficial components for the body. The vitamins of the batters help in the proper functioning of the brain, as it is involved in the synthesis of Serotonin. It also has antioxidant properties, as it can convert free radicals into more stable molecules, thus slowing down cellular deterioration.

The batter also contains active compounds that can prevent cell oxidation and inflammation.

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