Summer truffle, the great unknown

It is harvested between the months of May and September, offering a fruit with a delicate flavor and aroma.

Less well known and popular than the black truffle, the summer truffle or Tuber Aestivum is a gastronomic gem with a delicate flavor and aroma. It grows together with the roots of the Mediterranean forests that are between 200 and 1,000 meters above sea level, without requiring soils as demanding as the Perigord in terms of humidity and composition of the earth.

Dark on the outside and a pronounced pyramidal bark, its main difference with respect to the Tuber Melanosporum, a black truffle, is found on the inside, with a cream color and hazelnut tones.

The summer truffle is harvested between the months of May and September, although the most precious mushrooms are those found at the end of August, which is when it has reached its optimum ripening point and gives off all its peculiarities. Even so, at the end of June and during the month of July you can already enjoy quality truffles.

The summer truffle is an exceptional gourmet product and economically more affordable than the black truffle. It has a milder flavor and offers a wide range of culinary possibilities. It is the perfect combination in meat, fish and pasta, as well as seasonal products and salads.

Regarding its conservation, as with the Perigord truffle or the Alba white truffle, the Tuber Aestivum must be wrapped in transparent film so that it does not lose its aroma. Its shelf life when fresh is longer and can be kept in good condition for more than a month.

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