Gourmet packs truffled to give away

In the online store of Laumont you will be able to access all the versions of this gastronomic treasure.

Harvested since ancient times, the black truffle is considered to be the black diamond of gastronomy, due to its high culinary value, its characteristic aroma and its intense flavor. Whether it's white or black, it's quite an icon of the haute cuisine that now comes to your table from the hand of Laumont, the leading truffle selling company in Spain, which has recently been joined by chef Martin Berasategui as a gastronomic adviser.

Thanks to the new technologies, you can comfortably acquire this anelice manjar without leaving home. You only have to access the online gourmet store Laumont Shop and you will find the best truffles: black (Tuber melanosporum), summer (Tuber aestivum), black Australian truffle (Tuber magnatum).

The truffle is also a perfect gastronomic gift for foodies and enthusiasts of good eating. So they've thought about Laumont, pushing a line of packs where you can find the most coveted products around truffle. In these gastronomic boxes they have decided to group everything from truffle oils to white truffle vinegars, passing by black truffle sauce Melanosporum, summer truffle carpaccio with black truffle aroma and pearls, among other gourmet products. They add up as an undeniable protagonist the black jewel of the kitchen when its season arrives.

If on the contrary, you prefer to make your own order and personally select the products, you will also find them separately, along with others such as the peeling and the preserved brisura or the frozen truffle. Laumont Shop provides you with different formats, depending on your needs.

The boom in demand for edible mushrooms has led this gourmet shop to include in its product catalogue a line of dehydrated mushrooms, which give a different touch to the dishes and can be consumed at any time of the year.  The offer is as wide as varied and includes from boletus, hive, senderilla, trompetilla and shiitake to a mixture of mushrooms and boletus flour to enhance the taste of your recipes.

Adapting to new forms of consumption, Laumont has launched a free App for fresh truffle to reach your kitchen in as little as 24 hours.

Available for Android and IOS, this intuitive application allows you to know the availability of the product in real time, as well as know its origin, properties, composition or useful life. And if you have any doubts, you'll be able to contact the company team via WhatsApp and from the app chat.

In the Laumont App you will access unique and special promotions. And as always, both in the online store and in the app, the shipment is free, in 24 hours and refrigerated for the product to arrive at your table in the most optimal conditions.

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