Laumont Shop, the boutique of the Truffle

An on-line shop to have comfortably this culinary diamond in its different versions.

There are culinary treasures that remain hidden under ground until they are in the just period for its enjoyment. It is the case of the black truffle, a mushroom of such an intensity in flavor and aroma that has been baptized like the diamond of the kitchen.

The most prestigious chefs yield to the delight of this coveted delicacy that now you can have in your table thanks to Laumont Shop, the shop gourmet on-line of Laumont, the leading corporation of sale of truffles in Spain.

Comfortably, from your house, you can gain access to the best truffles of every period: black woman (Tuber melanosporum), half note (Tuber magnatum), of summer (Tuber aestivum) and the Australian black truffle. Products that are provided with quality certificates and which compilation is highly respectful with the environment.

Also, in Laumont they have thought that the world of the truffle is the perfect gift for your relatives and friends more sybarites. For this motive, he has decided to group in different packs the products most wished by the most demanding palates. In these gastronomic boxes you will find from oils trufados up to vinegars of white truffle, happening for sauce of black truffle Melanosporum, carpaccio of summer truffle with aroma of black truffle and pearls, between other products gourmet. And when there comes the period of the culinary black queen, the offer increases and turns concerning her, indisputable protagonist of the pack.

All these products also you will find them separately, as well as others like the peeling, the brisura and the juice in conserve. If you prefer the frozen truffle, the signature provides it to you in different formats as your culinary needs.

Laumont is provided also with a line of dehydrated mushrooms that they combine with a big plates variety. You will be able to choose between boletus, colmenilla, senderilla, ear trumpet and shiitake or choose for a mushrooms miscellany. If you want to promote the flavor of your makings, you can acquire boletus flour.

So that your buys are great more commodes, Laumont has thrown a free App to obtain fresh truffle in only 24 hours. It is a question of a simple and intuitive application that allows to know the availability of the product in real-time, as well as know its origin, properties, composition or useful life. Also, you will be able to take advantage of the only and special promotions.

The App of Laumont is available for Android and IOS and allows to contact straight with the team of the company across WhatsApp and from the chat of the application.

So much if you buy in the App as if you do it in the shop gourmet on-line, the mailing is free, in 24 hours and refreshed so that the product comes to your table in the most ideal conditions.

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